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Welcome to Freedom Brewing Corporation!

We started out simply brewing beer as a hobby. In the garage, we began the journey of creating delicious brews from pure natural, raw ingredients.

We found our passion in the FREEDOM of experimenting with the chemistry of hops, grains, yeast and water; creating these ingredients into the finest tasting craft beers: Ales, Stouts, Double IPAs, Pilsner‘s, and the list continues.

Our dream was to one day, be able to brew a variety of specialty beers to share with our friends and family. We did that.

Then, we were asked to fill growlers to bring to special occasions. We did that too.

Suddenly, we started receiving requests for growlers, kegs and other special orders. We kept brewing, and orders became more frequent and we knew we had something special.

Fortunately, we realized we had the freedom of choice to expand our dream, go all in, and create a brewery that represents us, our freedom and our beers.

And we did just that.

We look forward to your visiting us, discussing our beers, the process and our journey.


Mike and Rob

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